Best Marijuana Edibles

THC has a way of making an awful day more bearable. The problem is, smoking is very messy. Thanks are to the advancement of technology; you can now enjoy the same high but from edibles. Not only are they discreet, but also very potent and some work just as fast. Here are some of the best marijuana edibles you should check out:

1. Lol Edibles Rice Crispy Treat

Dose: 1800 mg
Servings: depends

XL rice crispy treat is one of your best options if you are trying to lose weight but still need your THC. It is because rice crispy does not contain calories. Due to the high level of THC, you should be very careful with the portions you partake. You wouldn’t want to pass out in the middle of the subway.

The best part about this large pack is, you can buy it for a party at an affordable price yet remain with some for takeaway.


2. Jasmine Green Maple Tea

Dose: 120mg THC, 20mg CBD
Servings: 12 per bag

Jasmine green maple tea not only gives you the health benefits of green tea but also the soothing effect of weed. Nothing beats a cannabis-infused cup of green tea in the morning before you go to work. You will find yourself calmly smiling at the man who shoved you in the subway without apology or your annoying boss.

Studies show cannabis-infused drinks get to work faster than their chewy counterparts. So you won’t have to wait for hours to feel the blanket of THC embrace you.

3. Cheeba Chews

Dose: 100mg of THC
Servings: one

If you have a sweet tooth, Cheeba chews chocolate and candy bars are a great way of getting your daily dose of THC. They are small and easily portable. Each 100mg serving is wrapped individually, but you can get the whole pack of 50.

Cheeba chews company prides itself on providing treats for people with body pains, insomnia, or recreational users of low tolerance. As one of the best marijuana edibles dealers in the market, the quality is assured.


4. Sweet Grass Kitchen Mini Cookies

Dose: 70mg per box (7 cookies)

The best cannabis edibles do not taste like cannabis; This is what you think when you indulge in the mini cookies from sweetgrass kitchen. They are small, sweet, and you can easily find yourself snacking on the whole box.

This is a terrible idea, though, as the cookies are very potent, and the high will hit you at once. However, the high levels will be out after a while, leaving you a calming weed trance for the better part of the day. The best part is that the cookies are home-baked and get delivered hot, straight out of the oven!


5. Sweet Reason Sparkling Water

Dose: 10mg per bottle

What better way to get high in the summer than through a chilled bottle of water? Sweet reason perfected the art of combining two things that we love the most. Not only is the water well flavored with a crisp after taste, but it also helps you keep hydrated.

For the best results, you need to buy a six-pack and drink it gradually through the afternoon. It will maintain your high at a nice manageable level. If you don’t have a high tolerance for THC, three bottles are enough for you.


6. Satori World Strawberry Chocolate Bites

Dose: 3mg per bite
Servings: 33 bites per pack

If you are in California, the satori world strawberry chocolate bites are a must-have. It comes in a very affordable pack that can easily last you a week or two if you are a recreational user. Also, it will do well in quenching your thirst for chocolate.
It doesn’t matter your chocolate preference as the award-winning Satori world has got a vast array of options. All their products are quality and come with a money-back guarantee.


7. Karova Black Bar

Dos: 1000mg per double bar
Servings: depends

The Korova black bar brownie is one of the most potent yet delicious edible brownies available. It is advisable to get this brownie if you have a high tolerance for THC, and even so, make sure you take it in moderation lest you end up passed out for the rest of the day.

Also, the brownie is useful to people in extreme pain or with raging anxiety. If you fall in this category, have no dairy allergy yet have not been prescribed, take a half slice and wait two hours before taking another.


8. Daydreamers Dream Catcher

Servings: 6 per pack

If you are looking for an easy-to-portion chocolate bar to give you and your friends a light buzz, this daydreamers dream catcher chocolate bar is a good option. Each piece contains only 60mg of THC; hence won’t get you too baked for the rest of your activities.

The bar tastes so good you will not even realize it is laced. So take care not to overdose as the high sets upon you rather slowly.


9. Mota Citrus Sugar-Free Jelly

Dose: 125 mg
Servings: depends

You can never go wrong with gummy jelly that’s nice, soft, and bursting with flavor. The best part about citrus jelly is, you do not have to feel guilty about ingesting sugar calories as they come sugar-free.

Great for those in pain, dealing with anxiety, having a bad day, or just looking for a lift or spirits. For your first experience, don’t take more than 5mg. That’s like three jelly bars.

10. Dixie Elixirs Cinnamon Synergy Dew Drops

Dose: 100mg CBD/100mg THC per bottle.

Dixie Elixir has, over the years, established a brand reputation of always delivering quality marijuana products. Their best seller item being their Cinnamon synergy drops. This elixir is great for those looking for anti-inflammatory and anxiety medicine yet have never partaken weed.

All you have to do is put a few drops under the tongue, and within minutes your problem will be well forgotten. Also, each bottle of the dewdrops contains both CBD(medicinal part of marijuana) and THC so as to give you the best of both worlds.


11. THC Natural Clear Shots by Science Lab

Dose: 400mg per bottle

If you want to get high but hate the taste of marijuana, then this bottle of clear shot was made with you in mind. All you will taste is the bursting organic flavor of the fruity flavor you chose. Each bottle can be used up to ten times if you are a recreational user.

Depending on how long you want to get high, you have the option of either drinking the shot straight from the bottle of mixing it with your favorite drink- be it coffee, juice, or even water.


As more and more states legalize marijuana, people are becoming increasingly creative on how to incorporate it into their daily lives. Gone are the days you had to hide in your house for hours to let the potent smell of marijuana smoke dissipate. These days, you can easily measure your intake and get high anywhere. Try out any of the above suggestions and thank me later.

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