Best Canadian Seed Banks


A good seed will allow you to produce the Highest Potency cannabis possible, and a good seed bank will ensure those seeds aren’t Duds. Don’t buy seeds that have weak dna and deliver weak effects. The list below features some of the highest potency seed distributors, but have also been organized to address certain needs of different growers.

There are thousands of seed banks, and one is perfect for you. Do any of the following sound like you?

Expert, Industry Growers Concerned with potency and germination? Looking for the best of the best to increase your standing in the marijuana industry. Check out number one for notorious potency, 80% germination guarantee, and buk discounts.

Growing for Yourself Small 5 seed batches, Strains engineered for Outside Growing, and Customizability for Climate makes choice two the best option for Expert and New Growers alike who plan to make only a small crop. It seems their seed bank is specialized for smaller growers both in price and options.

First Time Growers Option number 3 has a whole section of seeds that are easiest to grow. In addition, the website is very easy to navigate. If it’s your first time you have alot of questions, after visiting a seed bank website I would hope you didn’t leave with more questions than you came with. What’s does that mean? Is this important? All you need to focus on here is what strain you like and what fertilizer to use. The fertilizer and nutrients are important because even if you have no idea what you’re doing you have a way higher chance of ending up with something smokable. Both are available on their website, and are engineered to work amazing together. Still have questions? Check out the “how to sprout seeds” section on their website. 

Worried Growers When starting out many are worried. Will my package even arrive? Will I lose money? Will it be better than my usual guys or competition? Will it even grow? Check out choice 4. If 90% of seeds don’t grow they extent a full refund. They guarantee your shipment will arrive, and it is one of the cheapest options for seeds that are still considerably high potency if all else fails. 

In this article, we are going to review the 10 best Canadian seed banks where you can source quality cannabis seeds.


Top 10 Canadian Seed Banks

1. Crop King Seeds 

(Best for Autoflowering, Feminized Seeds, and Dispensary Growers)(Just the Best) 

Over the past 15 years Crop King Seeds has become a notorious seed bank for top shelf producers selling in over 300 stores. It has thoroughly earned the top spot on this list, carrying some of the strongest strains in the world, and supplying some of the best growers in the world.

The most relevant information for someone interested in growing using their seeds is listed below. 


  • 2010 Website Layout is not very sleek (It’s very old school stoner with a genie at the bottom plumbing smoke, asking if you have questions)
  • Email is required prior to using the 24/7 support chat (though you can browse without signing up)


  • Trusted and Sold in over 300 Stores 
  • In demand strains like Harlequin, Girl Scout, and Skittles (zkittles) from here
  • Guaranteed 80% Germination rate
  • Bulk discounts + Germination Guarantee makes them the best for Serious Growers
  • 24/7 chat support for growing questions and assuring guarantees
  • Feminized, Auto Flowering, and CBD seeds available
  • Discreet shipping 
  • Bitcoin, E Transfer, and multiple other payment options


5 Seed Pricing:

AutoFlowering Girlscout Cookies, 65

Harlequin Feminized, 65

Blue Berry CBD Feminized, 65

10 Seed Pricing:

Charlotte’s Web Feminized, 120

25 Seed Pricing:

ACDC Feminized, 240

Discount, Coupons

Buying the 25 as opposed to 5 pack saves 75$ (Rare in the seed bank world)

Free Stealth Shipping for orders over 200

Get 10 free seeds for orders over 400 


This is a seed bank that is at its own unique level. You can choose from 40 different strains, with many more being researched and engineered right now. If there is a seed bank here in Canada that can provide you the dispensary quality strain you are looking for, it’s Crop King Seeds. With a guaranteed germination rate of 80%, you can bank on Crop King to provide reliable seeds, to serious growers.


2. Toronto/Quebec Cannabis Seeds 

(Best for Outside Growing)(Cheapest for Small Crops)

The two things that make Toronto Cannabis Seeds so popular is their wide selection of strains and that they are a locally based seed bank.

This seed bank is the perfect place for a curious cannabis enthusiast that is looking to discover new strains. It’s also the perfect place for both new and advanced growers. The reason being the seeds come in different mix packs and types.

Ranked among the top Canadian seed banks; if you are finding it hard to choose a strain, you should give the Autoflower Mix Pack a try. It requires minimal maintenance and grows very fast. They also have multiple payment options and this makes shopping with them quite convenient.


  • Up to 17$ cheaper than Crop Kings for half of  5 pack seed options
  • Enter your climate (sunny, cold) and let them pic out the most resistant strains that will work for you
  • Master Breeders (Visit the Breeders tag and read about how they’ve been with the company 15 years and growing for over two decades
  • 15 years in Business
  • Feminized, Autoflowering, CBD options 



  • Most seeds only come in 5 pack
  • No discount for large orders 
  • They are a locally sourced company and occasionally are out of stock of certain strains 



All seeds come in 5 pack, ranging from 48 to 65

Girl Scout Cookies 5 pack is 48 

3. Dr. Seeds Marijuana Seed Bank

 (Easiest to Grow)(Best Customization)

Popular for having great fertilizer products, one thing that distinguishes Dr. Seeds from other seed banks is how they have customized their search filters to list products depending on the grower’s preferences. For example, you can search for seeds that are ‘easiest to grow’, ‘hybrid’, ‘Sativa’, and other terms.

The above advanced search tool makes it easy for you to find a seed strain that works for whatever you’re. At Dr. Seeds, you can also get fertilizer such as Bloom Boost or Kelp Extract to help your seedlings grow quickly.


  • List of seeds that are easiest to grow 


  • Only accepts Visa and Master Card (Check out the next listing for the second best for new growers)
  • High Germination Guarantee is vague, it’s unlikely you can cash in on it 


5 packs (they do not sell 10 or 25 packs) are 55$ 

Discounts on 2 packs is 10% off (or about 10$ off)

Discount on 3 packs is 15% off (or about 25$ off)

Discount on 4 packs is 20% off (or about 45$ off)

Discount on 5 packs is 25% off (or about 70$ off)

Discount on 6 packs is 30% off (or about 100$ off) 


4. Grower’s Choice Seed Bank

(Best for Anxious Buyers)(Foolproof and Cheap) 

Fourth on our list, Grower’s Choice has taken the Canadian seed bank industry by storm. They have three payment methods and accept Bitcoin. If you have struggled with paying for cannabis seedlings in the past then Grower’s Choice should be your top pick.

Other than that Grower’s Choice guarantees delivery of all orders. Meaning that you will get a full refund should your orders fail to be delivered. Their customer representatives are quite helpful in assisting you to choose a suitable strain.


  • Guaranteed Delivery to Us and Canada
  • Guaranteed 90% Germination 
  • Bitcoin Excepted 
  • Raffle for 200$ of Free Seeds


  • You have to buy 500$ of seeds for free shipping
  • Few sales


  • Prices range from 26 to 49$, and they run sales frequently, making Growers Choice the cheapest option


5. Dr. Greenthumb Seed Bank

(Honorable Mention)

Before we go further in reviewing Dr. Greenthumb, you should know that this seed bank sells their cannabis seeds packed in different sizes. This ranges from 5 seeds, 10 seeds to as many as you may wish to buy depending on your growing needs. The prices are indicated in Canadian dollars. As a result, you can clearly see the amount you are going to pay for.

The main benefit of shopping for marijuana seeds at Dr. Greenthumb is that they provide you with key information about seeds so that you can make an informed decision. For every type of seed, you will see information regarding its potency, height, harvest time, blight resistance, and other relevant details.

6. i49 Seed Bank

Provided you adhere to their germination guide which is available on their website, i49 guarantees an 80% germination rate for their seedlings. This seed bank takes pride in selling seedlings with only an authentic genetic.

Their customer service is always available to assist. And should some of your seeds fail to germinate after adhering to their germination guide, you can contact them for replacement.


7. Quebec Seed Bank

With a flat rate worldwide shipping policy and a variety of packs, Quebec Seed Bank is giving some of the most popular Canadian Seed Banks a run for their money. This is the perfect place for an experimental grower to source cannabis seeds.

One of their most popular products is the CBD Mix Pack that is known to provide relaxing, calming, and pain management effects. There are also the randomly selected auto flower cannabis seeds that require low maintenance and very quick to harvest.


8. BC Bud Depot Seed Bank

Another upcoming seed bank is BC Bud. This cannabis seedling provider also has a considerable variety of seedlings. They guarantee on receipt of orders and will resend another batch if you receive some in a damaged state. Kindly note that once you make an order with BC Bud, you won’t be able to cancel it. The company also doesn’t accept the return of consumable products.

If you decide to shop with BC Bud, then make sure you order a smaller quantity to try it out. Then if all goes well, you can order a bigger package. Their customer service is quite impressive.


9. True North Seed Bank

Are you a busy grower? Then True North should be your number one-stop shop for marijuana seeds. With a wide variety of strains to choose from, at True North, you can make orders in bulk. Here you can shop strains such as Pure Kush, White Widow, Afghan Hash, Coco Melon, and Agent Orange.

True North also allows growers to choose from feminized and regular seeds depending on preference. You can buy bulk seeds in quantities of 100, 200, 300, and so on. You can order even more than 1000 seeds from True North. When shopping with this seed bank, the more you buy the cheaper the cost of seeds will be.


10. Montreal Cannabis Seeds

Montreal handpicks and only sells cannabis seeds that pass the required tests. They too have a guarantee on an 80% germination rate. And should this not happen, you can ask for a replacement package.

This seed bank also goes the extra mile of sending tips and guides on growing marijuana via their website. This information will be very useful in helping you cultivate and harvest marijuana. It touches on all parts of the growth process and other valuable information such as which seasons are ideal for growing medical marijuana.


The Bottom Line

There are two ways on how you can get the finest marijuana in Canada; either buy it from a highly reputable vendor or grow it yourself. The latter happens to be the best course of action because for one you get to cultivate it under the best conditions possible. Also, you get to retain its purity by not using harmful fertilizers and other chemicals. If you have made up your mind to finally grow marijuana, the above reviews will help you choose a Canadian seed bank that will sell you quality cannabis seeds.

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