Best Dispensaries in Denver

When it comes to satisfying your craving for recreational grade Marijuana use, you want to make sure you have some of the best products out in the market. To make this challenging, finding a good dispensary is like finding a good restaurant in New York City. Hundreds to choose from, but only a handful are truly the best and need to know how to sift through reviews and word of mouth to find them. So, to minimize your research, here are the top ten best dispensaries in Denver.

10. Lucy Sky

For someone who is new to using Marijuana or has a lot of questions about the product, you want to visit a place that prioritizes customer experience. Lucy Sky is known for having some of the best quality staff on hand to help you with all your questions and work with you to figure out what style best suits you. The focus here is always education first, sales second, as they not only want you to enjoy your purchase but understand it as well as come back for more.

9. Denver Kush Club

If you are a bigger fan of the cannabis concentrates, this is the best place to visit in Denver for both variety and quality. This dispensary has 40 individual flavors of the concentrated marijuana product, including flavors such as crumble, shatter, THC diamonds, sauce, and Denver Nuggetz, which is the Kush Club’s version of Caviar. More notably, Denver Kush Club is well known for collaborating with music artists that have Denver ties, to develop signature strains with clever names. It also got a large amazing space that is worth checking out.

8. L’Eagle Services

L’Eagle is known in the Denver area for being one of the most organic and environmentally sustainable growers of recreational grade marijuana. What makes this dispensary one of the best in Denver is the level of expertise in its horticulturists that holds a combined 40 years of experience in growing commercial-grade cannabis. Not only are they experienced in growing, but they and the other staff enjoy transferring their knowledge of Marijuana to the consumer so they can be informed when making a purchase.

7. Apothecary Farms

Another big name in the world of cannabis concentrate, this dispensary focuses on a product called terpene preservation. So not only do you get a flavorful concentrate extract, but the product will hold a higher level of freshness and overall quality. While this dispensary won’t carry as many concentrate flavors as others, one would argue that if you are not picky about flavors but love the concentrates overall, the limited flavors to choose from are by far the best in the Denver area from a quality standpoint.

6. The Herbal Cure

If you like the small mom and pop kind of dispensary establishments, you cannot go wrong with visiting the Herbal Cure. This quaint little place is well known for the connoisseur flower, as well as it’s on-site grow for aromatherapy. This shop is well-stocked in both concentrates and vapes and encourages first-time visitors with 25% off their initial purchase. The business model has held strong with that hefty first discount, as they profit very well from repeat customers.

5. High Level Health

If you are looking for a company whose reputation is justified through its awards and accolades, then High Level Health will be your winning choice to visit. This dispensary to date has won 82 awards focusing on all-natural growing cannabis to deliver amazing flowers, concentrates, and vapes. Not only that, but customers always get amazing daily deals on Joints, HLH sugar, wax, shatter, and butter. They even have a rewards program to encourage repeat customers.

4. Botanico

While there is nothing that is flashy or stands out, this is one of the dispensaries in Denver that delivers quality products across the board. In addition to standard selections of concentrates, vapes, and flowers, they also carry a wide range of chocolate, gummies, and truffles. More notably, their entire inventory is made local from Denver and Boulder, for those who support the grow local buy local principle. Prices are reasonable, no matter what you purchase from here when you visit.

3. Terrapin Care Station

This establishment has four cultivation sites, and they’re over six locations in both Denver and Boulder. What makes the experience so great here is that customers can sample up to 25 of the 30 strains they make. One of their best selling products includes a small-batch reserve product, referred to as “The Woods,” which remarkably has a THC potency level at 30%. Like some of the other larger dispensaries in the Denver area, this retailer has a rewards program for its most loyal customers.

2. Verde Natural

Verde Natural is best known for probably delivering some of the unique flavors you might find anywhere in Denver and possibly across all North America. Their secret is a hand-grown process using recycled soil and organic feed, to deliver some unique named products such as Tropicana Cookies, Cold Creek Kush, and Roasted Garlic Margy.

All these flavors provide pleasant smooth aftermath after inhalation, which keeps its customer base continually coming back for more. So, if you are looking for a unique flavor experience, Verde Natural is your best choice.

1. The Green Solution

With a 4.9 rating out of 5 on Google, this dispensary is constantly rated the number one dispensary in all of Denver for providing full customer experience and satisfaction with its products. This dispensary is just well known for dominating the market share of cannabis use in Denver and checking all the boxes that locals would look for in picking one to visit.

Not only are they superior in online sales and have a wide variety of products, but their website also is a blog to teach and educate all its customers, as well as provide a catalog of all their products. They do not need to convince you they are the best, ask their customers.


Whether you are a local looking to find the next best dispensary to visit, a tourist looking to experiment with the local product, or just a first time user, you cannot go wrong with these ten dispensaries. These indeed are the best dispensaries in Denver, because they ultimately deliver on the two most important concepts, customer service, and quality product. More so, these dispensaries are not about maximizing profits but giving you the product you deserve at fair and reasonable prices. So stop into these shops and enjoy the cannabis experience!

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