High Potency Cheap Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower seeds are an excellent choice when you are starting in the cannabis business. They are easy to plant and manage and hence are highly recommended for the novice growers. This article will dig into the various cheap autoflowering seeds and aims to help you find the best weed seeds in the online market. But first, lets cover the basics.

What Are Auto-Flowering Seeds?

Auto-Flowering Seeds Harvest sooner and are smaller (easier to store and handle) than other plant types. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a crossbreed of sativa or Indica with the Ruderalis species. Ruderalis is a native in places that experience short summers, including Mongolia, China, Russia, and Northern Europe. To adapt to these short summers, the Ruderalis variety is preset to flower within a short period. Hence, the crossbreed is a fast, auto flowering cultivar that produces a tremendous amount of yield.

What Does Auto-Flowering Mean?

Many weed strains are photoperiod, and therefore require triggers before they transition to various growth stages. Ruderalis is different in that it does not need any type of signal. By inheriting this genetic profile of the Ruderalis, autoflowers will automatically enter into the flowering stage without any triggers (there is no need to change the light schedules to encourage the species to transition into its flowering stage). Therefore, regardless of the sun and light schedule, growers can expect them to produce their buds.

The Pros and Cons of Autoflower Seeds

If you plan to plant the autos, you will have to learn about their pros and cons.

The Pros

Autoflower seeds have numerous pros, not just for the novice but also for the skilled growers. That includes:

  • Autoflower seeds are a small species – Ideal for people who do not have a large growing space – they fit better in small grow tents than average plants.
  • Do not require much attention – Unlike other seeds, autoflowering seeds do not need to be signaled into every growth cycle. They grow almost effortlessly, perfect for those with little or no time and experience.
  • No specific light schedule required – provided they are given a sufficient amount of light, they will not need different light cycles. That eliminates the worry of following the perfect cultivation period.
  • Fast-growing strain – the species will begin creating buds after a few weeks. Besides, they produce substantial yields.
  • Resistance – autoflowers are known to be resistant to molds and pests, a characteristic inherited from the Ruderalis species.

The Cons

All cannabis plants have their share of shortcomings, and autoflowering seeds are no exception. Here are some of its cons:

  • Too small to be cloned – autos are small in size, making them difficult to clone.
  • You still might want to use a light schedual – while a precise light cycle is not necessary it is highly recommended to use the 18/6 light cycle for better production.
  • Less THC – autoflower species have a lesser amount of THC content due to its Ruderalis heredities.


The Different Varieties of Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are available in different strains that exhibit varying flowering period, quality, and potency. Some of the varieties of the autoflowers include:

1) The Lowrydery Strain

This is a hybrid strain inbred for approximately nine generations to exploit its size. It is a dwarflike species that can grow up to a maximum of 16 inches. It has a height similar to that of the bonsai and, therefore is an excellent option for growers’ windowsill or balcony. This tiny size comes from the cannabis species of Ruderalis, which is hybridized with Northern Lights #2 and William’s Wonder.

The Lowryder strain has a delicate earthy scent, which comes from its firmly packed buds. Typically, it will autoflower in 40 to 45 days. Furthermore, this strain is resilient and will survive in a harsh, cold environment, and that is why it is famous in the Northern regions, including Finland and Canada.

While Lowryder has a strong cerebrally stimulating effect, it is slow, and therefore consumers are usually recommended to be patient when using this kind of strain.

2) GDP seeds

GDP seeds or Granddaddy purple were introduced in the cannabis realm in 2003 by Ken Este. The Indica hybrid is a blend of Purple Urkle and Big Bud. The strain has a deep grape and berry scent inherited from the Purple Urkle and enormous, compact buds from its Big Bud parent. These California native flowers have a purple shape with a remarkable framework for its snow-like white sparkler resin. After a 60 day flowering period, the GDP is ready for harvest, and you can expect tremendous yields from this strain.

Granddaddy has a strong effect in stimulating the mind and body. It offers a mix of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation. As long as the impact of Granddaddy Purple lasts, your mind will amble in dreamy buzz even if your body had been couch-locked. Besides, like most Indica species, Granddaddy is also recommended for people looking for relief from stress, insomnia, pain, muscle spasms, and loss of appetite.

3) Jack Herer

Named after the renowned cannabis activist and author, Jack Herer is an iconic Sativa-dominant strain. It is crossbred from Northern Lights 5, Shiva Skunk, and Haze. The strain was first grown in the 90s in the Netherlands. It was then recommended as a medical-grade weed and was circulated by the Dutch pharmacies. It can autoflower after 50 to 70 days. Therefore, many breeders cultivate it in areas with long summer months and in the Mediterranean climates.

The legendary Jack Herer strain has been produced for its massive resin production of Indicas and Sativa’s cerebral high. Today, this spicy and pine-scented species is widely used and loved due to its quality and potency. Consumers describe the 55% Sativa hybrid as clear-headed, creative, and blissful.

4) Incredible Hulk

The incredible hulk is a blend of Jack Herer and Green Crack. It has flavors ranging from blueberry, pineapple, and earthy making it a real delight for the palate. The incredible hulk’s most notable effects include creativity and high social energy. Besides, its stimulating effects are an ideal daytime treatment for minor aches and pains.

5) White Cheese Strain

White cheese is an Indica-dominant crossbreed from the Zambeza seeds. The strain is a mixture of Super Skunk and Afghani genetics. Consequently, it has a cheesy and Skunky aroma with a hint of earthy scent. Growers love this strain because of its short flowering period, the closely packed buds, and massive produce.

6) Caramelicious strain

The Caramelicious is a hybrid marijuana strain that is well-known for its delicious caramel taste and sticky buds. Due to its sweetened savor and euphoric high, this go-to dinner weed joint is sought after by many.


Growing Tips and Info

Save Money: The Best Time to Grow the Autoflower Strain Outside

Timing is essential if you are planning to grow your plants in an outdoor setting. You should start as soon as spring begins and grow them until fall. It is also crucial to note that the outdoor temperatures should be at 15 degrees or more.

In most areas, the months of March through to October are the hottest periods. But, if you reside in warmer climates, you should take advantage and enjoy the 6-8 summer months. That is because, you can even harvest up to 4 times. For growers in areas that have 4-5 summer months, you only get to reap 2-3 times.

The Bloom Time for the Autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering strains will produce buds when they are between 3 and 4 weeks old. On an average setup, cannabis plants can be harvested three months after the germination period. In some instances, it might take less than that.

The Amount of Yield from Autoflowering Cannabis Plant

Autoflowering seeds produce high yields in a short amount of time. In fact, you can expect to get half an ounce or approximately 14-18 grams from each plant. However, this varies from one strain to another. For example, Lowryder auto strains are tiny and produce fewer amounts of buds. Thus, with this strain, you have to plant more auto strains to increase your harvest.

Things to Consider Before Venturing Into the Autoflower Seeds

Before you start the autoflower seeds venture, here are a few things you should consider:

The growing method you are going to use

Like any other plant, autoflowers tend to grow well in precise growing styles. They thrive in an outdoor setting, mainly because they do not need exact light conditions. Nevertheless, you should ensure that you choose a species with strong resistance to molds and pests. For instance, the Skunk strain is a resistant marijuana plant and therefore recommended for novice growers.

Growing space

This should not concern outdoor growers as the natural environment offers adequate space for the autos to thrive. But some growers want to keep the operation discrete, making indoor growing the ideal choice. Fortunately, autoflowers are typically small, so you won’t need a large room to house them. A standard grow-tent would be an excellent option.

Growing period

You might risk picking your buds too late or too early if you do not know your plant’s flowering period. Therefore, it is crucial to be well-acquainted with the right time to harvest the auto-flowering plants. That is because; timing during harvest can affect the THC content of the plant and its overall yield. For instance, if the buds are harvested too late, they might start decaying together with the cannabinoids. That will lessen the content of THC in them.

Fortunately, the flowering period duration is usually indicated on the packaging of the seed. Therefore, you should not go wrong with the harvesting period as long as you understand all the crucial information about the seed bank’s auto seeds.

Expected levels of THC, CBD, and CBN

Understanding the levels of cannabinoid content in the buds is essential when growing the autoflowers seeds. That is because; individuals have different preferences when it comes to the high they wish to experience. Some might prefer low THC levels with more CBN and CBD, while others opt for high THC levels with a massive amount of Cannabinol.

Note- CBN regulates the high by lowering the psychoactive effects. That is valuable for users who want to reduce the anxious feeling linked to smoking weed. Besides, it helps in alleviating stress.

Feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized seeds are a great option as it eliminates the worry of growing male plants. The seed can guarantee that you will have a fantastic harvest. That is because, with zero male plants, there would be no sexing plants, and you do not have to shift between vegetative and flowering stages. Your work will ease down while your harvest hikes up. However, these seeds are highly recommended for expert growers.

An Essential Note – Feminized Vs. Autoflowering

There is a thin line between feminized and autoflowering feminized. Feminized seeds are all-female plants that will not automatically begin to flower. On the contrary, feminized autoflower seeds will create plants that will flower automatically.


Buying cheap autoflower seeds

When planning to buy cheap autoflower seeds, it is vital to note that the female weed plants will create hundreds of seeds every cycle (if exposed to a male plant). And if you understand the process of developing the seeds, you won’t have to spend a lot buying them in seed banks since you will collect them yourself.

Bottom Line

Autoflowering seeds are an excellent starting point for novice growers. They share the genetic profile of Ruderalis species known for making the lives of growers less stressful. Besides being easy to grow, this variety of seeds can blossom in a matter of a few weeks. Furthermore, its flowering period is based on age and not light and will not require complex lighting fixtures. They are also ideal for stealth growing operations and with three or more harvest every year, autoflower seeds are the future of weed growing.

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